Qing Imperial Cartography

The aim of QingMaps is to create an interactive map analysis and research visualization tool for students and researchers. Three large atlases are now online and fully searchable. Raw materials were taken with permission from Wang Qianjin 汪前进 & Liu Ruofang 刘若芳, 清廷三大實測全圖集, 3 Vols., Beijing: Waiwen chubanshe, 2007. QingMaps is evolving—in the project’s next phase, we are working to connect QingMaps to a number of existing platforms and to curricula at Leiden University and the University of Macau.


Generous financial support came from the University of Macau, the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University, the Higher Education Fund of Macau SAR Government, the Hulsewé Wazniewski Foundation, and the Special Collections at Leiden University Libraries, UBL.  



We are most greatful to our team of students: Cai Qianqian蔡芊芊, Fan Xiaoyu 范曉鈺, Henriëtte Hofman, Huang Qiuru 黃秋如, Huang Xiaoying 黃曉瑩, Huang Zheng 黃錚, Lei Tianyue 雷天月, Lin Jun 林君, Ni Cheng 倪程, Sou Ka In 蘇家賢, Tang Sio Hang 鄧兆亨, Wang Haoran 王浩然, Wang Rui  王睿, Wang Zhe 王喆, Zhang Xinyu 張鑫宇 and Zheng Botong 鄭博通. Contact Mario Cams about the maps and the project, Juul Eijk if you want to help and Fresco Sam-Sin about the development and project management.

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